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What is the difference between Sativa and Indica products?

Marijuana generally can be classified as one of the following: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Almost all plants are now technically hybrids that are dominated by Indica or Sativa strains. Pure Indica and Sativas are rare.

Indica-dominant Sativa-dominant
Effect Generally relaxing and calming – reputed to give more of a “body high”. Generally more of an energetic “head high”, which may even have some psychedelic effects.
Plant Tend to be half as tall as Sativa-dominant plants, with thinner leaves and branches which grow close together. Tend to respond much more favorably to indoor growing. Tend to be taller than Indica-dominant plants, with slimmer leaves and wider branches. Tend to respond well to outdoor growing, but can be grown indoor quite well too.
Genetics Tend to have higher THC, leading to higher euphoric effects. Tend to have higher CBD, which is reputed to possess medicinal qualities, but also a fair amount of THC.